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ThinkPad X200 Tablet

Lanedo was so kind to offer a notebook upgrade for me and on Tuesday I happily received a ThinkPad X200 Tablet.

I will spend the following weeks setting up the machine to replace my current X60s by Fedora 12's release date.

Wednesday evening I started to install Fedora 12 Alpha via USB pendrive and managed to get a bootable device. The screen was flickering like hell and, after a large upgrade yesterday, things are usable now.

The next step will be to get the Wacom tablet working. Fedora has a pretty recent Xorg server (Ubuntu is actually lagging behind this one); but the wacom drivers don't seem to work with it yet…


Snark am 11.9.2009

I'm pretty surprised when I read "I will spend the following weeks setting up the machine..." -- how come it will take that long?! Last time I got a new laptop, it took me the best part of a single day... mostly for download speed reasons!

Kartoffel am 14.9.2009

I suspect setting up here means familiarizing with the system. Installing is one thing, finding the best options and tuning the machine takes longer.

Herzi am 17.9.2009

Exactly! Just installing isn't enough. There are several hardware components in there that I want to utilize properly (eg. UMTS modem, TabletPC screen,etc).

And when that is all done, I want to tune the performance a little (SSDs are so different from regular hard drives).

And even then I'd have to check good defaults for power management to make sure the laptop does as good as it can.

bjoernb am 18.9.2009

Would be great if you share your wisdom on this blog.